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Living in the country all my life has made me see  that every barn has a story behind it and that as the years go by more and more barns are disappearing. Barns with windmills side by side are getting harder to find but I am always on the lookout for them. Barns giving shelter for animals or grain  and windmills pumping water.I have taken some of the pictures  in black and white to give more of a feel of the olden days.


  Maybe inside this barn there is a bunch of hay bales stored in its loft to feed the cattle tucked away in stalls on ground floor.The smells of hay and cattle fill the air as corn stalks gently move in the summer breeze just outside.


I wonder how many ears of corn have been stored in the corn crib
over the years or how many calves were born in the barn or maybe
some girl and boys first kiss  as they looked at the stars through
the cracks in the roof.



                                 Octagon barn

This barn built in 1921 is 50 feet in diameter, with horizonal sawed wood siding over the dimension plank lumber frame. The interior is  in a circular fashion with pie-shaped stalls and feed bunks placed around a central wood stave silo. The barn is on the National Register of Historic Places on the edge of the Mississippi River town of Bellevue, Iowa.

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