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                                Barns of Jackson County

This barn is a century old barn and was built in 1902 and has been restored.It is 54ft wide x 72ft long.It has 96 window panes and 40 doors.It has cut timbers and hand hewn beams which are secured together with iron bolts, washers and nuts at every junction. It had 12 wooden stanchions for milking cows until in the 1970's. It now shelters some hay and occasionally a few cows are kept in pens.A carriage house stands to the left in the picutre. Picture taken in Jackson  County Iowa.

 Barn built in  1949

 This barn was built in 1938 and was built from wood that was

 used in making cement forms when making the dam on the

 Mississippi River at Bellevue, Iowa 


Carriage house or maybe a chicken house.

This barn was built in 1918 and made from a kit ordered from Sears and Robuck.

This red board and batten pegged barn was built in 1890
 by neighbors in a "barn raising" The first floor was partitioned
 off in stalls for horses with oats bins for them to eat out of
.The upper floor for hay storage.


Stone is the basis for the front wall of this barn as it is for many barns of this kind.


 Barn dances were once held in this barn.

Foundations made of stone have been used for many yrs


This barn was built in 1870's and has been in the same
 family for 6 generations.The picture below of the hay loft
 shows some of the hand hewn wooden beams that
 support the barn and wooden nails hold the beams together.


As you climb the wooden ladder to get to the hay loft the smells of cut hay fill the air.

This barn built in the 1940's and is currently in the process of being restored.Inside are original 

milking stanchions horse stalls and pine rafters were handcrafted by using a jig. Barn dances 

were held after the completion of the barn and before being filled with hay.


This is what the barn looks like today!With the new roof and red barn paint! 

This is known as the Fowler's Hillcrest Barn.





Outside the small town of Bellevue, Iowa  sits this
farm of Luxembourg desent  with a stone foundation barn ,
a silo made of brick and the stone building below .
This building is typical of  those in the country of Luxembourg.
They used different sized limestone and mortar.


 Typically these kinds of stone buildings were used to house both
animals and family. The animals lived on the first floor of the barn
 or grain, seed and feed while the family lived on the second floor.

I think the crescent moon says it all !



The next time you are looking for something to do take a ride
 in the country and see what you can see. See for yourself the
 beauty of barns. And remember to keep a look out for barns
 with windmills side by side.


 This barn made mostly of stone was built in 1862 and still
houses hay on the main level. Steps lead down from the hay
mow to the bottom floor where there are milking stanchions
and pens that hold calves.


A manure carrier extends from the back side of the barn which
 made it easier for cleaning the barn .


 The bark is still on the wood used as beams in the picture above.


The wood beam has the year 1862 carved in it as a way of
marking the yr built, so you see barns can tell their own story  
if you look close enough



Go west of Maquoketa to see this barn with a clay tile silo.



This barn sits on a rocky hill north of Preston, Iowa



This beautiful barn stands along a hillside  near the
small town of Green Island,Iowa.

This well kept barn was built in 1896 and is still going strong
houseing pigs and cattle and hay. A brick silo stands beside it.


High up on a hill this barn was built in 1920. Besides the usual
of  hay and cattle this barn has a basketball hoop inside which
has seen a lot of use over the years.


Barns are sometimes sitting in the middle of nowhere without any house nearby.           
Before long this old barn will be just a memory.

 Big red barn.


 This barn sits tucked away in a valley surrounded by trees
 and a cornfield north of Bellevue,Iowa


Not many people realize there are just a couple of log cabins
 in the state of Iowa and in Jackson County there are 2 known
to exist.  What a treasure this 1830 log cabin is to find.


While driving down a gravel road north of Bellevue , Iowa this treasured
 log cabin was almost missed as it sits hidden from view by the red barn
and low and behold there is also an outhouse too..what a find.If the walls
 of these buildings could only talk!


Treasures of old can be found in many places. 


This barn built in 1940 is one of several well kept barns on this
 farm and has a windmill behind it. The big barn to the left and in
 the background was built around 1900 with wooden peg construction.


Another barn on the same farm as above  with another view
 of the windmill .... Like I said before always have to be on the
lookout for barns with windmills.

 This barn by Preston Iowa was built in 1926. A corn crib sits
 by this barn that has carved in a wooden board the date and the
 name of the person who helped build the barn along with a sketch
 of the curved roof , what a blueprint. 20+ yrs ago high winds from
 a storm almost blew over the barn but with help from neighbors
and lots of log chains they straightened the leaning barn back up
and put steel rods all the way threw from one side to the other as
support and also added X's of wood for more support throughout the
 barn as well. It once was used as a dairy barn and they milked 50-70 cows.


In the loft of this old barn people used to come from all around
the area for a good ol' barn dance.


Just north of Bellevue Iowa sits this 30x50ft red barn which has been
 freshly painted and the year 1926 stenciled on to show the date
 the barn was built. The boards on the top half of this barn are
wainscoted which makes this barn unique in its own way.  


Between the towns of Miles and Preston Iowa is this big
well kept barn that has 2 foot cut out letters that spell out
 the proud owners name. 


This big 30 ft fiddle painted  on the silo sits along side a
 renovated dairy barn catches your eye on  highway 52 between
 Sabula and Bellevue Iowa. People know it as the Mooney Hollow Barn
 (Reception Hall and Saloon) where bands play and you can dance
on the largest wooden floor (30ft X 30ft) in Iowa.  



Sitting in the background of the big fiddle sits this windmill .


 Just south of Bellevue sits this ivy covered barn.

 This family farm is marked with one of the best markers anyone
 one could build ..a Big Red Barn with the family name on it sits
 south of Bellevue along the Maquoketa River.. and there is also a windmill.


The round wooden peg in the picture above is inside the barn below .

Barns nowadays are not built with that special feature.



Just outside of the Historic town of St. Donatus is this big red barn.



This old barn sits at the bottom of some foothills south of Bellevue.

This octagon barn has seen many yrs go by but with some work it could be usable again.

Floor support beams still have the bark on the trees and
 were hand carved at the ends to fit snugly in place.

There are 4 big tree trunks in the center of this 8 sided
 barn that are used for support.

This barn sits out in the middle of nowhere without any  other buildings nearby.

 This barn built in 1912 is wider than normal and has bark on
many of its support timbers. The barn?s top hip is longer then
 the lower hip which is something you don?t see in many barns.






Time goes by and barns start to fall apart but yet  the stories remain.
 Baby pigs were born in this old hog house and kids have climbed up
 on the roof  to play or maybe just to get away and have some time to
think by themselves. 


This  limestone barn one of the oldest  in Iowa built in 1839 , sits in the middle of this
 historic Luxembourgish village of St. Donatas.


This barn built in the 1880's is two barns in one, one section has
horse stalls , wooden hay track with hayfork and pulleys. The other
part which was done in 1911 has 16 cow stations for milking cows ,
 automatic cow watering cups, manure bucket and track.

The Stewart Family Barn was built in 1861 and was honored in 2016

 by receiving the Heritage farm Award ( 150 yrs in the same family)

 this barn has numerous natural unhewn timber beams and in the

 bottom floor tree branches some with the bark still on lay side

 by side that create a floor for loose hay.   The 4 pictures below

are more pictures of the same barn.




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